Membership Guidelines

Lettermen Friends Club

2019 Revised Guidelines

Gail Myers, Sue Silverthorn and Bernice McCarthy


Memberships will be from January 1st to December 31st. Renewals are due no later than January 15th. Anything received after January 15th will be the full membership amount.

Effective January 1, 2018 dues are:

1st time member: $20 individual and $35 family up to 4 in same household

Renewal:  $15 individual and $25 family up to 4 in same household.

Lettermen Friends Club Paid Member Facebook page

In order to be added to the Lettermen Friends Club Paid Member page – you must be a paid member and accept a friend request from Gail Sue Bernice Only Gail, Sue or Bernice can add paid members to the page.

Page will include:

Convention updates

Concert updates

Throw Back Thursday

Trivia Tuesday

Photos – current/old


Rules of Facebook:  Only positive things posted on the page.  Please keep comments to the subject matter.  We want everyone to enjoy the page and get to know each other better.

Photos – any photos posted by Lettermen Friends Club are not to be shared or copied.  Doing so will result in being deleted from the page.

Videos – there is NO videotaping of sound check or shows.  Videotaping is violating the Lettermen’s copyright and is against the law.

Posting of photos by members:

We invite members to post pictures on the Facebook page, but they can only be photos of The Lettermen – when they were Lettermen.  Example:  Darren as a Lettermen – yes, Darren as a Raider – NO. Pictures of Darren as a Raider belongs on the Raider Facebook page, same for other Lettermen that have continued in a different group or on their own.


We will be offering merchandise for sale.  All items sold by Lettermen Friends Club is copyrighted ©LFC.  Items that are copyrighted are not to be copied or altered in anyway, doing so will violate the copyright laws.


Will be posted on Lettermen Friends Club Paid Member page along with The Lettermen Authorized Facebook page.  Also, please check  We will also be sending out emails to keep everyone informed.  For those without email – we will be mailing announcements periodically.


Historically, in most instances, The Lettermen have always signed autographs and posed for pictures after each performance. If you would like to obtain an autograph, please proceed to the autograph table at the conclusion of the performance.

Please be respectful of others and The Lettermen’s time and limit the number of items to be signed and photos taken.


Open to everyone.  Afterglow’s are not guaranteed; depends on The Lettermen’s schedule/travel arrangements. We encourage members to gather even if The Lettermen cannot attend. If a member is interested in hosting an Afterglow following a performance you must contact the Lettermen Friends Club office at least 14 days before the concert.  If hosting, an invitation must be extended to all paid Friends Club members. Hosting may only be the member securing a place with the hotel for a meeting place.  Supplying snacks/drinks are up to the discretion of the host.

Hotel information: When you email us regarding the hotel The Lettermen are staying at please be aware that we may not have hotel information until a few days in advance of the concert. We will notify you as soon as we receive the information.

When making your reservation you are not to indicate in any way that you are a member or affiliated with The Lettermen., this could cause trouble with their reservations!